Neodymium Speakers
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 Neo speakers have a number of advantages over conventional ceramic magnet speakers.  They have a high output to weight ratio which makes them ideal for a number of portable applications.  Typically neodymium magnets are capable of generating high flux levels in a transducers magnetic gap which increases efficiency and lowers distortion.  Most neodymium speakers are naturally video shielded by design. Speakers with wide bandwidth and high excursion capabilties  are more easily produced with neodymium magnets.  Neo motors can have a higher resistance to being demagnetized.  They also have a high saturation magnitization so the potentional of storing large amounts of energy is possible. For more information please contact us at

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The B-Hive motor : Neodymium Ring magnet  3" P-P excursion    
Voice coil moving in the Magnetic gap
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